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Ronda is one of Andalucia's loveliest towns, steeped in history. It stands on a towering plateau in the mountains of Malaga Province, and is famous through Spain for the plunging river gorge which divides the medieval from the 18th century parts of the town. This gorge is known as "El Tajo" - The Cliff and is spanned by a stone bridge, which once housed a prison. Visitors love to peer down into the gorge, to see the waters of the River Guadalevín.

Ronda is also famous for its bullring, the oldest, and the most beautiful one in Spain; the arena itself is also the country's largest

Ronda stands on a mighty promontory, or outcropping, which made it impregnable to the Christian armies until the very last years of the re-conquest. This plateau is slashed into two main quarters by a deep cleft in the rock, spanned by the 18th century "Puente Nuevo" or New Bridge, which is the chief landmark for all itineraries.


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